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As your business develops it is likely to grow by many different means – merging, opening up new markets, expanding your product line or adding more services. These changes are often easier to deal with when you have an expert Business Advisor in Melbourne by your side – whether that’s increasing the shareholder base, attracting suitable investors or looking for funds to pursue a specific project.

Ahead for Business offers premier Business Advisory Services in Melbourne. We have worked alongside hundreds of small businesses which have grown in many different ways; we have experienced first-hand what works best in different industries, and different business types, and ensure that you can learn from our experience.

We can help you with advice on a range of topics, including financial reporting, management accounting and tax, financial systems and processes.

Your accounting systems and processes may need to change as you grow – we are well placed to assist you to improve your systems, support you with additional bookkeeping support, and assist with moving your financials to the cloud if appropriate for your business. We can also advise you in areas such as statutory audits or special reporting needs for specific industries.

As your tax accountant, we will ensure that the adjustments to your systems and procedures implement the correct and most beneficial tax structure as you grow.

What is a Business Advisory?

Business advisors analyse problems and potential risks businesses are facing and advice them on becoming more cost-effective and efficient. They usually guide small-to-medium sized businesses, using the latest technology to manage their client’s needs.

We acknowledge the growing pains that businesses have to endure as they become more complex. Ahead for Business has over 30 years of experience in providing reliable advice so that your business can achieve its next level of profitability. We use data-driven cloud technology to view the long-term growth prospects for your business so that you can make changes to your business plan as required.

Business Advisory Services

We understand the challenges that exist for businesses in today’s market. We know we can assist you in implementing the right solutions for the best results. Our business advisors can help you with:

  • Business Structure Advice
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Buying, Selling or Merging Your Business
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Setting up a Business Start-up
  • Business and Company Valuations

We can assist in strategic planning such as whether to employ people or use contractors, again assisting you with the impact on cashflow, risk, and tax consequences. We can also advise you if you’re moving into different customer sectors, requiring new staffing, or looking to trade or relocate inter-state, potentially requiring tailoring of your financial reporting systems and tax obligations.

Small Business Advisors Melbourne

As your business prospers, we look forward to being there for you to bounce off ideas around your financial management, tax planning, expansion, and succession planning.

Both our Directors hold a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), so clients regularly involve us in a range of general business discussions and to help them solve problems or answer difficult questions.

We will pro-actively recommend other specialist organisations in other fields, such as marketing, recruitment or legal services, if or when required.

Case Study

A client of Ahead for Business was concerned his competitor was heavily undercutting the rates they charged for services.

One owner wanted to slash prices to match the competitor – fearing substantial business would be lost if they did not. However, the other wanted to see how far they could reduce prices without making a loss.

We advised them to stand their ground, which proved the right approach. Within six months the competitor went out of business and the custom that had been lost quickly returned.

This showed that simply reacting to competitor activity is not, necessarily, the correct strategy and informed financial information can be powerful.

Ahead for Business is one of the leading Business Advisors in Melbourne. Call us on 03 9867 7711 for help with business plans, business goals or tax returns.

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