Creating a Business Plan

Whether your business is still at the conceptual stage, is just about to open its doors or is many years old, it’s important to have a clear plan for the path ahead.

One Page Business Plan

Business planning doesn’t need to be complicated or complex. In fact, at a high level, the best ones can usually be boiled down to one page.

Tackling it on your own may relegate the task to never getting done.  We are very accustomed to lending our decades of business experience to helping you start, flesh out, and finalise your business plan.  As your business accountant, with our leaders both holding a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), we are well-placed to help you ensure that your business plan reflects your strengths and goals, as well as incorporating sound financial information and business strategy.

Your one-page business plan should include:

  • A business overview – main points of history, vision, objectives, structure.
  • Summary of products and services, and the markets they serve.
  • Industry overview – where you are placed within the market, highlighting your particular strengths and opportunities you are seizing.
  • Marketing strategy – your approach to marketing your products and services, including pricing, marketing tactics, channels, sales method.
  • Operations plan – how you support the delivery of your products and services, the technologies, team, systems etc.
  • Financial plan – current position, as well as projections for sales, profit, and cashflow can be summarised to fit within your one-page business plan.

Detailed Financials

Depending on the audience for your business plan – for example, to assist you to gain finance or investment – your one-page business plan may require supporting information, particularly in relation to your business financials.  We are experts in providing the financials to underpin your business plans.  These may include financial projections around cashflow, revenue, profit and loss, business structure.

We will ensure you have the right people at hand to assist with your business planning and financial management.  We can also ensure that your cloud-based financial systems are setup such that whenever you need updated financials for your business plan, they are readily available, at your fingertips.

Other Services

Would you like advice or wisdom on getting your business plan clear? Let us help by lining up a free consultation.

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