Small Business Advisory Services

Small Business Advisors in Melbourne

As your business grows you will need the wisdom, that comes from decades of experience, to help make the right decisions at the right time and avoid making the wrong ones.

We can help you with advice on a range of topics, including financial reporting, management accounting and tax, financial systems and processes.

We can also advise you in areas such as statutory audits or special reporting needs for specific industries.

We are available to meet both in person and by utilising digital communications tools, to ensure efficient access to our advice.

Becoming Your Small Business Coach

As your business prospers, we look forward to being there for you to bounce off ideas around your financial management, tax planning, expansion, and succession planning.

Both our Directors hold a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), so clients regularly involve us in a range of general business discussions and to help them solve problems or answer difficult questions.

We will pro-actively recommend other specialist organisations in other fields, such as marketing, recruitment or legal services, if or when required.

Case Study

A client of Ahead for Business was concerned his competitor was heavily undercutting the rates they charged for services.

One owner wanted to slash prices to match the competitor – fearing substantial business would be lost if they did not. However, the other wanted to see how far they could reduce prices without making a loss.

We advised them to stand their ground, which proved the right approach. Within six months the competitor went out of business and the custom that had been lost quickly returned.

This showed that simply reacting to competitor activity is not, necessarily, the correct strategy and informed financial information can be powerful.

Other Services

Are you already operating but feel you would benefit from wise advice or coaching? Give us a call so we can meet and provide you some free wisdom up front.

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