Audits & Forensic Accounting

Company Audits, NFP Audits & SMSF Audits

Audits can be onerous for business owners due to the time that they necessarily take out of your already busy schedule, particularly if this is the first time your financials have been audited.  Ahead for Business is here to make your life easier, and take the anxiety away from the auditing process. We ensure you are kept informed of audit progress and that all communication is transparent.

We have more than thirty years’ experience providing audit and review audit services to companies, as required under corporations law, as well as compulsory audits for self-managed super funds (SMSFs), or not for profit organisations, when required by their constitution.

In addition, a number of our clients engage us to perform audits of financial systems and procedures to help owners ensure their organisation has proper internal controls in place to safeguard their assets.

Finally, at times due to legal matters, businesses are required to be audited.

Ahead for Business provides services in relation to each of these types of audits, and also provides specialised audits for specific industry sectors, including solicitor’s trust accounts, licensed dealers and financial services licences.

For Forensic Accounting services, or to find out how we can help in a dispute, see our partner organisation, Forensic Accountants Australia

Other Services

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