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We want to help you ensure you maintain a clear view of your finances and cash flow, as well as tight control over them, as part of operating your business.

Cloud Accounting software has revolutionised the way business owners manage the financials of their business with wide-ranging benefits, including efficient and effective reporting, clear real-time metrics and visualisations at a glance, accessible anywhere on any device at any time, collaboration for example with your accountant, and reducing the need to store manual records.

Selecting the best cloud-based accounting software for your small business, or larger business is not easy because there are many options and competition is fierce.

Our team of accountants and bookkeepers in Melbourne are experts in cloud accounting with years of experience across all the major cloud financial systems, including QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB and Reckon.

We will help you conduct a systems review, guide you through the right questions to ask, explore the advantages and disadvantages of each package, and help you choose the one that best suits your business.

Setup and Security

Once you’ve chosen your preferred package, our team will help migrate your accounting information into the new solution. This may include setting up your chart of accounts, setting up bank feeds and customised management reporting such as KPIs. We will ensure that you gain from the benefits of cloud accounting and other new technologies from the outset.

We will also provide advice on keeping your financial data secure, particularly in relation to backups and access.

Better business with less paper

We have been in business for decades and have experienced firsthand the transition from manual records and systems to fully digital – with all the concerns of security, access to information, and needing to embed change through our organisation. Having made the transition ourselves, we are confident that we can help you also move your financial processes to the cloud.

As part of moving your financial systems into the cloud – or setting up cloud-based financials for your new business – we will help you move your records (receipts, orders, customer files etc) to the cloud. Storing your records in the cloud will help reduce the level of paperwork and the amount of time and money spent moving it around. We will help you to become more efficient and reduce your environmental footprint.

Digital Client Interactions

Even though we are readily available to meet face to face with all our business clients, we also take advantage of digital communications technology and the cloud to make us even more accessible for regular updates and check-ins. Having access to your up to date financial information via the cloud enables us to provide you with more timely advice.

Ready to streamline?

In addition to choosing the right cloud accounting package, we’ve helped many businesses simplify, streamline and automate their business operations and accounting processes by integrating with third-party applications to save time and money.

Examples include bank and credit card feeds and rules, setting up invoicing with online credit card payments to help encourage faster payment by your customers, emailing sales invoices, customised reports, generating automatic statements and reminders to debtors, implementing single touch payroll, exporting ABA files for batch payments, and automating recurring transactions.

We would welcome the opportunity to work through all the opportunities your business will have to become more efficient within your financial systems.

Better Bookkeeping

Ahead for Business provide ongoing training and support to your accounts or bookkeeping team.

In addition, we provide quality, certified bookkeepers who have worked as part of our team for many years. Our team of bookkeepers can work either in your office or ours or through our bookkeeping service, Ahead in the Cloud.

Having support from our bookkeeping team provides the opportunity for the bookkeeping process and accounting process to work together seamlessly, resulting in clear communication and efficient management of your financial accounting.

If you’re looking for Cloud Accounting Services in Melbourne, we look forward to assisting you with improving your accounting and bookkeeping systems.

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