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If you’re thinking of selling a business or buying a business, or need an independent valuation for your small business for legal reasons, we have the specialist skills and accreditation in-house to help ensure you get an accurate valuation for your business. Ahead for Business has been conducting Independent, Accredited Business Valuations Melbourne for over 30 years. 

Brian Jones, one of our Directors, is an Accredited Business Valuer with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. He is a specialist in valuing businesses across a range of sectors and industries and can provide a valuation report on your business and expert advice on any offers made by potential buyers in relation to the perceived value of your business. Although many business valuations are required for legal proceedings, our valuation services are also often required for non-legal reasons, such as attracting investors or loan finance, supporting a government or retail application, or for tax or re-structuring purposes. Our business valuation methods have helped many people to value their business for business succession purposes.

Unlike many other assets, such as real estate and listed shares, there is no readily available source of information in relation to businesses that can be publicly obtained to support a business valuation.

That means valuations (and therefore, the true value of a business) can only be determined by a thorough examination of the structure of a business including tangible and intangible asset valuation (i.e. physical assets and intellectual property), examining financial statements of a business (i.e. net profit and losses) and an understanding of the market in which that business operates (comparing to similar businesses in your industry).

A valuation by an Accredited Business Valuer is a requirement for most purposes.

This is a summary intended for guidance.  If you want to find out more about business valuations, please contact a suitable professional and discuss your specific circumstances before acting on anything contained in this document.

Ahead for Business has a team of Chartered Accountants and Business Valuation Experts specialising in conducting Business Valuations in Melbourne. We can provide you with a detailed valuation report for your business. Call us on 03 9867 7711 to find out more.

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