Buying, Selling or Merging Your Business

Acquiring another business, or merging your business with another, requires experienced due diligence to ensure that the financial information supplied is accurate, and aligns with the representations made by the other party.

Ahead for Business has many years’ experience in assisting our clients during mergers and acquisitions.  We know what to look out for in businesses across a broad range of industries – standard financial ratios, such as level of debt, rates of return, and profit margins, can be key indicators of the viability of the business you are purchasing.

We can help you assess prospective purchases and mergers by assessing the financial status of the business being acquired as well as the future prospects of the business.  As Accredited Business Valuers, we have helped dozens of business owners in assessing the value of their prospective purchase.

As part of the process of merging two businesses, we can also assist you with any required financial systems merger, including migrating to cloud-based accounting systems if appropriate.

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