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Helping Your Business Grow

We know that business owners, more than anyone, like to win in business. For many, it’s like a race.  But winning can be difficult without reliable, external advice. Ahead for Business has three decades of experience providing advice and support to business owners to help you grow your business to the next level and to refine ‘the engine’ to make your business more profitable.

We Understand Your Pain

We know the financial pain that you and every business owner may suffer, particularly the growing pains that happen as business becomes more complex. We bring the maturity, wisdom and a steady-hand to help you stay on track without reinventing the wheel.

Having worked with clients in businesses across various sectors, from manufacturing and logistics through to financial and professionals services, and medical services through to technology businesses, we know the challenges that are coming and can help you plot the road ahead and plan for the future.

Digital Enablers

Cloud Technology has revolutionised the way clients run their businesses and we help them embrace Cloud Accounting and various other SAAS solutions to save time and money, and become more profitable.

Digital platforms have also streamlined how our clients interact with us and made collaboration easier. Most graphs or spreadsheets are updated live on the cloud and can be shared in real-time, while documents can be digitally signed through our secure client portal.

More than ‘just the numbers’

We’re not your average accounting firm, keeping the ‘score.’ Our mission is to help you grow your business and manage every aspect of your business. Even though our advice is always data-driven, we want to help your business with more than just the numbers.  Because we establish a one-to-one relationship with you, our advice will never be text book, but always be tailored to meet your needs.

Though clients ask for help with financial statements or audits and compliance issues such as tax, our aim is to help you rise above the minutiae of the numbers and the day-to-day, to draw out big picture trends and plot a path to more growth and better profit.

Intentionally Proactive

Another of our biggest points of difference is that we are intentionally proactive in providing you the right advice when your business needs it – not just when you ask for it.  This means we will often make contact to offer advice or assistance, even before you realise an issue exists.

Solid Relationships are Key

We’ve sought to raise the bar on relationships. Relationships that are genuine and authentic are key to our success.  Unlike your traditional accountant, we have sincere concern for our clients and care about the success of their business. We also apply the same level of professional dedication to all our clients, no matter their size.

Clients say they like the way we take the time to understand their business and goals before offering any short-term services or solutions.

Loyalty is Key

Finally, loyalty means a lot to us.  According to our clients, we’ve been very loyal to them and generous with our time and knowledge.  We give you direct, positive feedback and don’t hide from difficult situations.  On the other hand, our clients have remained very loyal to us, for years and sometimes decades.  We believe this is because we are accessible and proactive in discussing their business needs, and always efficient in providing the required assistance.

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Our Directors

Wendy Hancox

Wendy opt


B.Sc. (Hons), FCA, Grad Dip Computing, MBA, Registered Company Auditor, Registered SMSF Auditor

Wendy Hancox has thirty-four years of experience in professional accounting, taxation, audit and business advisory fields. She has been in practice as an accountant and business advisor since 1984.

Prior to this, she worked for CSR in the audit department and particularly as the Australian Sugar Auditor. Wendy also worked in the Audit Department for Touche Ross in the U.K for 7 years.

She specialises in strategic planning, information systems, accounting and audit. Wendy has worked in a wide variety of industries ranging from international to small business.

Brian Jones

Brian opt


B.Sc (Econ)Hons, FCA, Grad Dip Tax, MBA, Grad Cert Forensic Studies (Accounting), Registered Company Auditor, Registered SMSF Auditor

Brian Jones has thirty-six years experience in corporate, professional accounting, taxation, audit and business advisory fields. He has been in practice as an accountant, business advisor and forensic accountant since 1989.

Prior to this he was with BP Australia for six years in accounting policy and systems, corporate accounting and corporate treasury roles. Brian worked in the Audit Department for Touche Ross in the U.K. in London, Birmingham and Geneva.

He now specialises in strategic planning, taxation, management and forensic accounting. Mr Jones has worked in a wide variety of industries ranging from international to small business.

He has been involved in many Court-related assignments including, Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court, County Court, Federal Court and the Supreme Courts of Victoria and NSW.


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